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6mm-1.0 x 35mm Class 9.8 Indented Hex Type CA Thread Cutting Screws (8 pcs.)

Type: Thread Cutting Screws
Part Number: MF72153
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Diameter: 6mm
Length: 35mm
Material: Steel
Head Style: Indented Hex Washer (Hex)
Point Type: Type CA
Thread Size: 1.0mm (Coarse)
Hardness: Class 9.8
Type: Thread Cutting Screw
Diameter 3: 17mm

Box of 8.

A thread cutting screw has sharp threads that cut into a material such as sheet metal, plastic or wood. The shank is usually threaded up to the head. Thread cutting screws make excellent fasteners for attaching metal hardware to wood because the fully threaded shank provides good retention in wood.