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Free shipping on orders $250 and up!

6mm-1.0 x 22mm Class 9.8 Hex Washer Head Dog Point Screws (10 pcs.)

Part Number: 72147
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Diameter: 6mm
Diameter 2: 9mm
Length: 22mm
Material: Steel
Head Style: Hex Washer (Hex)
Point Type: Dog Point
Thread Size: 1.0mm (Coarse)
Thread Length: Full
Hardness: Class 9.8
Type: Machine Screw
Diameter 3: 19mm

Box of 10.

A machine screw, also called a stove bolt, is generally a smaller fastener threaded the entire length of its shank. Machine screws are used in fastening nearly all types of hard materials. Especially useful in metal-to-metal or where heavy duty fastening is required. Commonly used with flat or lockwashers.