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9 x 1-1/4" Star Drive Red XL1500 Exterior Saberdrive Deck Screws

Type: Red Exterior Deck Screws
Part Number: 30481
Original price $7.77 - Original price $35.30
Original price
$7.77 - $35.30
Current price $7.77

Diameter: #9
Diameter 2: 3/8"
Length: 1-1/4"
Material: Steel
Finish: Red XL1500
Head Style: 6 Nibs Bugle (T-25 Star Bit)
Point Type: Type 17
Thread Type: Double CSK
Thread Length: Partial
Style: Serrated
Type: Deck Screw

The Ultimate Construction Screw - Fully specced for structural applications. Star and Hex Drive reduces Cam-out and for easy slip-free driving. Unique serrated thread for secure fastening. Most of our line offers a Type 17-point which eliminates the need for pre-drilling and reduces wood splitting. (Timber Screws, Hex Head Construction, & Ledger Screws are not equipped with Type 17-point). Exterior screws are encased with our premium XL 1500 coating to resist the environment, wood acids & treatment. Top quality alloy steel and are case hardened. Engineered to make them the best choice for professional and home use.

Box Size: 40 pcs.

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